11+ Weird UnderThe Radar High Paying Jobs

11+ Weird Under The Radar High Paying Jobs
Off The Radar Big Money Jobs You Probably Never Knew About
Need some cash? Who doesn't? Well..you are in luck because here you will find 11+ High Paying Jobs that just about anyone can do.
There's one hitch though, these jobs are not your regular 9-5 jobs, these jobs are a little outside the box.
Some are a little weird and strange, some take strong stomachs and fortitude, some are a little dangerous, some are fun etc.
At least they are not the type of jobs no one would ever want to do .
Some of these jobs are just right for slightly lazy people while others are for get up and go type people.
There's a job for every type pf person and the great thing about these particular jobs is they all pay High Salaries.
If you want to make the Big Bucks in non-traditional ways this wealth of knowledge is designed just for you.
Get ready to peruse these outside the box high paying jobs and another good thing is they are not in the list of Top Paying Jobs That Are Illegal in some places.
1. Obscure Stunt Tester-Earn $200,000-$300,000 a Year.

11+ Weird UnderThe Radar High Paying Jobs

Okay this job is not and we repeat not for people with queasy stomachs. It is called an obscure food tester or also known as a gross food tester.
Gross food tester hits the nail on the head because some of the things you would have to eat are obscure bugs and insects and things of that nature.
Eating these types of things could rack you up a Mind-boggling salary of up to $300,000 per year.
The reason for such a high salary is that game shows Such as Fear Factor need food to be tested for contestants to make sure that the foods are okay to eat and digest. game shows that require people to eat gross Foods do not want to be sued so they want to make sure that the foods that contestants eat will not make them sick or unreasonably ill.
Game shows make millions of dollars and have numerous amount of sponsors so to keep the money flowing they have to make sure no matter how gross the food is that it is indeed reasonably safe for the contestant.
For $300,000 a year it's probably not too hard to find individuals that will pop a few cockroaches and worms in their mouth.
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